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Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
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House Breaking?.....No Need For Punishment!!!!

The first thing one needs to realize when teaching a puppy is that he is just a puppy So unroll the newspaper and put it back next to the recliner. Why not start looking at house training not as house breaking but rather as a teaching process. You are the teacher, and your puppy will learn what you teach him (good or bad.) Just a few things you must remember when house training your puppy. He needs to be on a consistent schedule, take him to the same place each time outside to relieve himself, he needs constant supervision and if that is not possible then he needs to be in a safe blocked-off area. So, if your puppy has an accident, always ask yourself if it was induced by excitement, or even anxiety. It is your responsibility to keep a close eye on your puppy AT ALL TIMES!!!! When a puppy reaches about 4-6 months of age, he should have pretty good control of his bladder, still having trouble after 5 months of age? After consistent teaching, you should probably re-evaluate your teaching method and bring your dog to the vet to rule out any medical causes. Taking your puppy to the same place and using a command for the act will help to let the puppy know what he or she is to do outside. You also may be missing signs that your puppy is giving you he needs to go outside. Such as sudden barking, whimpering or even frantic pacing. S0....you catch your puppy in the act, what to do? There is NEVER any reason to rub his nose in it or strike him. All that will create is a frightened puppy when you walk into the room. Keep in mind at first they do not understand it's not acceptable to relieve themselves in the house, if you correct something they know not to be wrong all you will have is a frightened, and now confused puppy. Why not try clapping your hands, say loudly STOP anything to surprise him and get him to stop in mid stream. Then take him to the potty area outside and remember the PRAISE. It goes without saying, the more time that you can spend with your puppy the faster they will learn. So be willing to take the time, understand they are not dumb, they are just baby-puppy-dogs, remember the PRAISE and enjoy your new addition.

Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
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