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Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
'Ryan'  Am/Can/Int'l Ch.Wingate's LeadingEdge UD.CGC.HC.LC.TDI.ROM
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Old Dogs?.................New Tricks?

So you have an unruly dog? Not to worry you can teach an old dog new tricks. But even better yet why not start them off right. You have to remember that cute little puppy is going to grow up. If they understand the basics as a puppy, they will more and likely grow up without some of the common bad habits such as, jumping up, barking, digging, biting and such. All this can be accomplished with proper training. Another frequent problem people seem to run into with their adult dogs is they become uncontrollable, even frightened when out in the public, around strangers and dogs they are not familiar with. Most of that undesirable behavior can be avoided by making sure you socialize your puppy well, after it's had it's vaccinations. Once you have started training it is imperative you take your puppy to new and different locations so they start to understand they must behave even though they may be in a new place. By taking them frequently to new places and working with them is the only way they will become good citizens. Ok....so your puppy gets car sick. Yes there are ways of working on that as well. One mistake that puppy owners often make to cause this is the only time the puppy gets to go in the car is to the Vet. So they associate going in the car as a bad experience. Not to offend any Vets out there, we know we need you regardless if our puppies realizes that or not. So be sure to take your puppy in the car to different places often, you should start of with short frequent trips. A nice tool that can be used to help with car sickness is a crate. If they learn to ride in a crate, that in itself my end the problem. Sometime by having them ride in a crate, and the fact they have less area to deal with prevents them from getting sick. If you discover it's actually them seeing movement is what's making them sick, all you have to do then is to cover they crate with a blanket or sheet so to prevent them from seeing any movement. If by them riding in their crate still does not prevent them from getting sick, at least it saves you from having to detail the inside of your car every time your puppy goes for a ride.

Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
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