'Ryan'  Am/Can/Int'l Ch.Wingate's LeadingEdge UD.CGC.HC.LC.TDI.ROM
Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
'Ryan'  Am/Can/Int'l Ch.Wingate's LeadingEdge UD.CGC.HC.LC.TDI.ROM
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AKC Ace Award Nomination
Ryan 9 & 12 years June 23, 2004

American Kennel Club

Attention: Ron Rella
260 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10016

Re: "Ryan"
Am/Can/Int'l Ch.Wingate's Leading Edge UD.CGC.HC.LC.TDI.ROM
Doberman Pinscher, 12 years, Male.
Owner: Kathy Rambo, Spokane, WA

Dear Mr. Rella:

It is an honor and a privilege to submit a recommendation letter on behalf of Ryan as an outstanding therapy dog and candidate in the Therapy category for the Awards of Canine Excellence 2004.

I got the opportunity to meet Ryan and his owner, Kathy Rambo, during my tenure as Chairman of the Animal-Assisted Therapy Program at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington where they have made visits as an experienced Certified Pet Partner Team. Ryan’s visits have left deeply endearing memories with so many patients, personnel, volunteers, and visitors. Ryan’s majestic presence and sweet personality has captured the affection and adoration of many, especially patients within the Pediatrics, Oncology, Respiratory, and Cardiac Units where visits are made on a regular basis.

Ryan has held a very high standard of the ideal therapy dog in our community and truly understands his purpose in bringing gentle cheer with his uplifting presence to those who are suffering. Ryan dearly loves people and it shows. Whomever Ryan visits, he always wants to share his love. I have seen pediatric patients gazing upon him with curiosity and intrigue while approaching to pet him. Ryan is so gentle as these small children give him love and affection. Their smiles and laughter have made Ryan beam with pride as his smiles have shown. Elderly patients, some of whom are very frail, have appreciated the sweet and gentle presence of Ryan as their smiles and remarks have proved. Nearby staff members have adored Ryan when making his rounds to greet them and his presence has also lifted their spirits. When visiting the medical center’s administrative department, he has entered the offices to greet top administrators, a special treat they have cherished.

During my tenure as Assistant Coordinator of the Hospice of Spokane Animal-Assisted Therapy Program, Ryan has visited staff members and administrators. At Hospice, it is understandable that the personnel’s nature of work can be stressful when dealing with end-of-life care issues. Here, Ryan’s presence has been very uplifting for many with such difficult work. He has gleefully greeted staff and administrators with his loving presence and “please pet me” look. Smiles, laughter and uplifting conversation ensue as many get the chance to pet him. Several comments have been made that Ryan’s visits were the highlight of their day. It is my deepest pleasure to share a glimpse of the exemplary therapy dog that Ryan has been for several years in touching so many lives in such a positive and uplifting way. He has been an extraordinary ambassador for animal-assisted therapy and we are blessed by his service with his owner in the Spokane health care community. Thank you very much for your consideration of Ryan as a candidate for nomination of this esteem award.


Greg Renner
Spokane, WA.

Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
(509) 532-8461 ~ (509) 714-8337


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