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Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
'Ryan'  Am/Can/Int'l Ch.Wingate's LeadingEdge UD.CGC.HC.LC.TDI.ROM
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Handling Fees

Effective as of 1/1/12

All Breed Shows Through Best Of Breed, per dog, per show


Handling Fees (6 months through Open) ........ 75.00

   Specials ........ 100.00 (All Breed Shows)

                                                                    Group Bonuses

1st Place .........200.00
2nd Place .......150.00
3rd Place ........125.00
4th Place.........100.00

National Or Specialties 

Best Of Breed Class ........ 200.00

All other classes.....100.00


(Smooth Coat Show Dogs - Bath, Trim, Nails)

Carrying fee

20.00 per day (Owner supplies food)


 When traveling, all expenses (gas,lodging, parking) are divided between clients whose dogs I am showing. Whether I am carrying your dog or your dog is brought ringside.

Client represents that said Client has no outstanding balance with any professional handler.

If Client verbally contracts Handler to show dog, Client is responsible for handling fees. If Client "pulls" dog after close of entries or within 24 hours of closing date for a show, Client is responsible for fees.  Extreme emergencies will be taken into consideration. If the dog completes its championship or is "singled out’ within a particular show circuit, Client remains responsible for the balance of that circuit.

Client shall pay all entries and assumes all responsibility for making entries unless arrangements have been made for Handler to do so. If Handler prepares entries dog should be registered with Best in Show Entry Service. Client should set up account at 1 (800) 247-7005 and Handler shall be authorized to make entries.

All fees must be paid before dog is released. All fees are due and payable upon receipt of bill. 

Proof of current vaccinations (rabies, DHLP and bordatella) is required for dogs traveling with handler.  It is the Client’s responsibility to advise the Handler of any habits the dog may have that could present a problem in giving safe and adequate care in the Handlers’ facility or at dog shows. It is also the Client’s responsibility to furnish instructions and medications, when applicable. Client gives permission to the Handler to seek veterinarian care as needed, the client is responsible for all veterinarian charges.

In the event of conflict, Handler at her discretion, will have someone "cover" the dog. Client remains responsible for handling fee.


Handler agrees to exercise all due and reasonable care to prevent injury, illness, or loss of client’s dog. However, in the event of injury, illness, or loss of dog, the Handler and his employees shall not be held personally liable for such injury, illness or loss.

Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
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