'Ryan'  Am/Can/Int'l Ch.Wingate's LeadingEdge UD.CGC.HC.LC.TDI.ROM
Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
'Ryan'  Am/Can/Int'l Ch.Wingate's LeadingEdge UD.CGC.HC.LC.TDI.ROM

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In Home Boarding

Effective as of 1/1/12


* All Breeds Welcomed

* Board your dog in a HOME environment...no kennel runs.

* Fenced yard for plenty of safe exercise for both large and small breeds 

* Special feeding regimens and medicines given if needed with no additional charge 

* Around the clock emergency Veterinarian care available 

*Veterinarian recommended: 

South Grand Veterinary Clinic
All Creatures Veterinary Clinic 

*Accommodations for special needs, pre or post-op dogs

* Limited number of dogs boarded at any one time

* Daily training available (Basic manners, sit, down stand, come. Problem areas covered: barking, digging, jumping up etc.

* Includes toys, treats and chewies. 

* 24 hours personal care

*Boarding fee: $25.00 per night.

*No Charge for next day if picked up by 10am.

*No additional charge for the following...
Administer medicines or supplements, playtime with other dogs and walks are also at no additional charge.

*Training: $15.00 per day

*Nail Trim: $20.00

*Bathe & Nail Trim: $50.00

Must be current on all shots...Owner provides food.

Kathy Rambo, Wil-Ram Kennels, Spokane, Wa
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